A Mario Kart Game for browser

A computer version of the famous race game by Nintendo.
This game is completely free and does not requiez any download, all you need to have is a web browser !

Fierce races full of fun !

Try to be the fastest while avoiding the objects !
Find all the 40 circuits from the original games Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart Super Circuit.

Win all the Grand Prix !

Face the cpu on the 10 grands prix tournaments and try to win the gold cup !
Win enough cups to unlock the 12 secret characters !

Create your own circuits !

With the circuits editor, the possibilities are infinite : the only limit is your own imagination !
Try other peoples' creation thanks to the integrated sharing tool.

Face the players from the whole world !

Fight the other players with the online mode !
Win as many races as possible and climb in the official ranking !

Make the best scores in time trial !

Finish the 3 laps as fast as you can !
Compare your scores with the community, and face other players ghosts !

Release your fighter talents !

Destroy the balloons of your opponents by avoiding being hit !
Be the last survivor to win the game !

Face your friends with the multiplayers mode !

Prove your friends that you are the best !
Face them in multiplayer on VS races or on battle.

Note that this game is translated by a 17-year-old French student.
There may be some mistakes. If you see one, please inform me on this forum topic.

about Mario Kart PC, what is it ?

You certainly know Mario Kart, the funiest race game of all time ! Mario Kart PC uses the same principles as the original game but is playable on your browser, and for free.

Most of the modes from Mario Kart have been included : Grand Prix, VS, battles, Time Trial...
Plus an other novel mode : the circuits editor ! Place the straight linesand the turns, add the objects, insert the accelerators... Everything is customizable ! The only limit is your own imagination !
You can also share your creations and try the others' one thanks to the sharing tool. Thousands od circuits have already been shared !

Finally, you can face players from the whole world thanks to the multiplayers online mode ! Climb in the rankings and become world champion !

camera Some screenshots

A picture's worth a thousand words, so here are some screenshots from the game so that you have a preview of what it looks like :

Special thanks Special thanks

A big thank you to these three sites without which Mario Kart PC would have probably never existed !

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Mario Kart PC currently has 2 partners :
  • Vanilla Dome, the social network of Mario ! Forum, musics, quiz, encyclopedia... Everything related directly or indirectly to Mario is available on this site !
  • Planète Toad : Community site about Mario and Nintendo universe in general. Offers exclusive services : publications system, shop, "Champis" currency.
  • Super Mario Sonic Advance : A forum about Mario and Sonic universe. Ideal to share a good time with both communities !

You want to become partner of Mario Kart PC ? Contact me by email at t.malahieude@gmail.com.

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  • MKPC Wiki : find out all the information about the game and its history. This site is maintained by the community, if you want to contribute, tell it on the this topic !
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